Air travel, for the most part has improved radically, with less slip-ups and a smooth trip experience. However, occasionally you might face unwanted situations such as long lines at check-in counters, slow moving security gates, confusing terminals, flight delays, and inclement weather. UNIGLOBE experts reveal smarter approach to tackle these challenges and transform your trip into a comfortable travel experience.

A trip consists of various touch points from a traveler’s perspective that can either help build a great trip experience or convert a trip into a nightmare. UNIGLOBE Experts accounted few most important touch points that can be tackled in a smarter way to enhance travel experience.

Get elite status:
Nothing beats having being an elite member of an airline insofar as travel goes as the perks are just great: Faster lines, free upgrades, first class upgrades, the ability to use their lounge in the airport, etc.

So, how do you get that elite status?
Of course the obvious way is to travel a lot with a single airline. But there are other ways as well:

  • Use your frequent flier mileage number when you rent cars and check into hotels. For instance, a hotel that you stay in a few times a year can give you up to 500 miles towards your airline of choice every time you stay there.
  • Use their credit card. This is probably the easiest way to get to an airline’s elite status. Use their credit card and every time you charge and you get miles. 

Get a great four-wheeled rollaway: This is vital for two reasons. First, checking bags is for amateurs, so having one great bag is critical. Second, a great rolling bag makes travel so much easier since a rollaway with four wheels can stand without you having to touch it, thus freeing your hands.

Eat smart. UNIGLOBE experts suggest three rules for smart eating in airports to stay healthy during the trip.

  1. look for where the airline personnel - pilots, attendendnats, etc. - are eating, and follow their lead.
  2. Go for protein over carbs, because it takes longer to digest and burn, and therefore lasts longer.
  3. Always choose bottled water as your preferred beverage (never soda, it messes with your tummy).

Get some noise cancelling headphones: No, they are not cheap, but they are worth it. Being able to shut out that crying baby, or engine noise when you are seated above the wing can’t be beat. Noise cancelling headphones were once the sole domain of Bose, and Bose makes some excellent ones, but worthy rivals come in from Beat, Sony, and AKG.

Bring along some backup batteries: For your laptop, yes, but also, did you know you could buy an external backup battery for your iPhone? You can, and on a long trip, it’s worth it.


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