​Travel management is a crucial aspect for all organizations irrespective of their size or scale of operations with a direct impact on bottomlines. Therefore, the significance of choosing the right travel management partner should not be underestimated. Your TMC’s should match up to your needs with the best, most suitable travel options. Our UNIGLOBE expert sheds light on the important factors that must be taken into account while reviewing and narrowing down on the choice of your travel management company.

1.Identify the services you need
Determine your required range of services. A typical sequence of services is for the consultant to help you identify your management system requirements, followed by a gap analysis to determine the compliance level of your current system. Using the assessment results, the consultant works with your staff to prepare a project plan.

It is important to select an experienced consultant. You should consider the years of experience and also lookout for relevant experience in your specific industry sector.

3.Past Awards and Accolades
Find out if the TMC has been recently nominated for a big industry awards.

Do your due diligence in terms of assessing the technology, tools and training capabilities of the TMC to ensure it can bring the right support for every step in the end-to-end travel experience of both corporate and leisure travelers.

The TMC should possess an in-depth know-how and connections; and focus their considerable knowledge on what you need to fulfill your travel objectives, most effectively.

You should also look for flexibility in your travel partner. Rather than telling you what to do, your travel expert should work with you to setup core elements of your travel program that include travel policy, reporting, payment solutions and even negotiation opportunities with suppliers.


“If thoughtfully selected and wisely used, a travel management consultant can be a valuable partner in setting up or improving your quality management system,” says a UNIGLOBE expert.


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